Mark Rippetoe's 5x5 (Beginner)

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Rippetoe Workout

This routine is Mark Rippetoe’s variation of Bill Starr’s 5x5. 

The Routine:-

Workout A

3x5 Squat
3x5 Bench Press
3x5 Deadlift / Power Clean 5x3, alternate every workout ''A''

Workout B

3x5 Squat
3x5 Incline Bench Press / Military Press, alternate every workout “B”
3x5 Chin-ups / Lat Pull Downs, alternate every workout “B”
3x8 Weighted Hyperextensions / Good Mornings 

How to Warm-up?

Warm up using several sets before doing the 3 work sets. If you're using 175, for example, it would look like this:

Warm up sets

2x5xbar (sets x reps x weight)

Work sets


What is the frequency of training?

You alternate workout A and B, 3 non-consecutive days per week. So you might do:

Week 1
M – Workout A
W – Workout B
F – Workout A

Week 2
M – Workout B
W – Workout A
F – Workout B

What about load progression?

Add weight to the bar whenever possible. If you're very new to lifting weights, or if most of your lifting has focused on curls and other isolation movements, you'll probably be able to add some weight each workout. You will probably be able to increase the weights by 5-10 kgs each time in the Squat and Deadlift, and about 5 kgs in the other three lifts. 

What about nutrition?

Eat a whole lot of food.

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