Rugby Workout (Advanced)

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Rugby Advanced Workout

This routine is a Rugby Specific Workout.

The Routine:-

Workout A

4x5 Power Cleans
3x8 Low Pulls
4x8 Squats
3x10 Leg Press
4x10 Hamstring Curl

Abs: (100 Crunches)

Workout B

4x8 Bench
4x8 Incline Bench
6x6 Pull-ups
3x8 T-bar row
4x8 Behind neck press
4x8 DB Side Raise
3x10 Dips

Workout C

4x5 Power Cleans
3x8 Shrugs
3x6 Front Squat
3x6 Lunges
4x10 Hamstring Curl
3x10 Hanging Leg Raise

Workout D

5x8 Bench at 70%
3x8 DB Incline
3x8 Fly's
4x8 Pull-ups
3x8 DB rows

How to Warm-up?

Warm up using several sets before doing the 3 work sets. If you're using 175, for example, it would look like this:

Warm up sets

2x5xbar (sets x reps x weight)

Work sets


What is the frequency of training?

You workout A,B,C, D, with a breack between B and C

Week 1
M – Workout A
T - Workout B
Th - Workout C
F - Workout D

What about load progression?

Go to failure each set. When you reach past the rep range then move your weight up by 5 pounds.

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