Club Guidelines

Maryland Rugby players are first and foremost expected to be upstanding and valuable members of their family, school, community, and team. They should strive to embody the virtues of responsibility, respect, fair play, courage, and camaraderie. They should hold themselves accountable in their lives both as people and as players. They should comport themselves with dignity and act courteously towards teammates, opponents, referees, and fans.

Members of the University of Maryland Rugby Football Club are to show courage both on and off the field, never backing down from a challenge, but should instead seek to overcome it through discipline, effort, teamwork, and perseverance. Members should seek to enjoy themselves and excel in their sport of choice while knowing that it is but one part of a balanced life they lead. In recognition of their responsibilities to their school and community, team members should conduct their lives in accordance with University and Community standards including, but not limited to, the Maryland Sport Club Handbook and the University of Maryland Student Code of Conduct.