Thank you for your time and your interest in our growing program.  We have high expectations for the coming year and hope that you will be a part of our success.   In order to learn more about you, please complete the brief questionnaire at this link.


Maryland Terrapins Rugby welcomes all new players regardless of their level of experience, age or skill.  We have dedicated & experienced coaches, as well as many seasoned players, who will help you to learn everything you need to know to play rugby.


The Maryland Terrapins Rugby Program formally trains three days a week and holds CrossFit/weight room sessions with professional trainers twice per week.   Training times (typically T-W-T in the late afternoon or early evening) will be announced as soon as confirmed with the University.  Home games are played on Saturday afternoons on the Engineering Field.    Maryland Rugby will typically play 2-3 games each Saturday. This allows for all players to get game time each weekend. In addition to virtually guaranteed playing time, Maryland Rugby offers one of the premier non-exclusive social atmospheres on campus. Each player can be involved as much or as little as desired.

Due to the diversity of rugby's positions and skill requirements, almost anyone can play rugby at some level.  Skills that you may already possess from other sports will help you. Among those skills are:

Basketball: Ball handling, explosiveness, jumping ability, body position / control and possession tactics
Soccer: Kicking, positioning, field vision and strategy
Football: Tackling, running with the ball, leg strength
Track: Speed, agility and endurance
Wrestling: Leverage, body control, strength and endurance

Equipment costs are minimal to get started in rugby. You'll need a mouth guard and a pair of cleats ("boots"). Soccer cleats are fine; however football and softball cleats are NOT legal in rugby if they have a toe cleat. For training sessions, you'll want to wear durable athletic clothing. It is advisable to wear proper rugby shorts and jerseys in order to train properly. The team provides game jerseys.


If you are a current or incoming student-athlete and are interested in playing rugby at the University of Maryland, please contact us at Recruit @


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